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Forétoile is a coined word consisting of the French words "Forêt" (forest) and "étoile" (star). As I was born and raised in a land rich in nature far from the sea, the forest was always close to me, and it was important for me to feel the energy of life, beauty, and healing as well as a sense of awe. Inspired by the nature of the forest, I often use plant motifs in my work. Also, when the beautiful forest was hidden in the dark, I could see many twinkling stars above it that led to the universe, and this made my imagination swell. The stars are a mass of intense energy, but from the ground, they shine with a quiet and pure radiance. It is my hope that the jewelry we wear will have the energy to radiate our inner passion while being as pure as the stars. I make each jewelry by my own hands, hoping to create jewelry that are close to the heart of the wearer, so that Forétoile's jewelry can sometimes brighten and sometimes heal the heart.


Forétoileはフランス語の Forêt ”森” とétoile ”星” で構成されている造語です。





Forétoile のジュエリーが、時に気持ちを輝かせてくれたり、時に気持ちを癒してくれる作用を持つような、身につける者の心に寄り添ったジュエリーを作りたいと願って、ひとつひとつ手作りで制作しています。

  • Takayo Yamashita


Takayo started making jewelry under the name Forétoile since 2006. Since then, her works has been sold at some stores in Kyoto, the handmade market and online shops.