Sara Barbanti / サラ・バルバンティ

The research is based on the relation between different materials and on how they can converse and enhance each other. The contrast is essential, organic shapes combined with simple figures, poor materials with precious ones, light with darkness. Creating a suggestion in the observer without using figurative elements provokes a wider range of possibilities and reflections. For this reason the creation process becomes extremely important, the spontaneity of the form and the composition are fundamental, the imperfection becomes strength and the fragment infuses a feeling of completeness.

The jewel is born from the transformation of wood into charcoal, the metamorphosis of the material imparts value to the object, telling a story of unleashed shape shifting potential.







  • Sara Barbanti
  • Sara Barbanti


Born in Modena in 1991.


After gaining a bachelor in interior design at Politecnico di Milano in 2013, her studies continued at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academy in Florence until 2016. In this same year she returned to Modena and  began the attendance at Gigi Mariani’s goldsmithing workshop.


2013年にミラノ工科大学でインテリアデザインの学士号を取得した後、彼女の研究は2016年までフィレンツェのLe Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academyで続けられました。この同じ年に彼女はモデナに戻り、ジジ・マリアーニの金細工ワークショップに参加し始めました。