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Maria Cristina Bellucci / マリア・クリスティーナ・ベルッチ

The material is very important and it is my starting point. The material attracts and fascinates me, it’s an emotional and sensorial approach rather than rational.
I surrender to interact with material, my initial idea is only one track, the material suggests me driving to an unknown result and therefore fascinating.
I'm interested in the surface created by coloured pencils fitted together becoming like a piece of wood.
Coloured pencils cut into section are the main element of my latest work.
I’m interested to challenge the concept of everyday object, by taking the object away from its context, deconstructing it and transforming it into a piece of jewellery, so it gains a whole new meaning.







  • Maria Cristina Bellucci
  • Maria Cristina Bellucci


Maria Cristina Bellucci

born in 1964

lives and works in Rome from 1988

I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, 

followed by a Goldsmith’s Course at San Giacomo School of Ornamental Arts in Rome.

For several years I worked as Theatre costumes and accessories maker, creating also a wide range of  jewellery for stage use.

I developed a strong interest for contemporary jewellery and I dedicated myself to it.

In 2007 I joined a workshop in Microflaming, runned by Giovanni Corvaja at the Academy Le Arti Orafe  in Lucca. In 2008 I joined an intensive course at the Alchimia, contemporary jewellery school in Florence.

I took part to several Jewellery Fairs and exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad.

My jewellery are in the Collections: Drutt Collection of Modern Jewellery (USA), Cominelli Foundation (Italy), Alice and Louis Koch Collection of rings in the Swiss National Museum, Zurich (Swiss), Olnick Spanu Collection (USA).





クリスティーナは、ローマのファイン・アーツ・アカデミーを卒業した後、サンジャコモ通りにある装飾芸術学校で金細工職人のコースに進みました。それから数年間、劇場の衣装やアクセサリーの製作者として働き、舞台用のさまざまなジュエリーを作成しました。彼女は、そのような環境に身を置くうちにコンテンポラリー ジュエリーに強い関心を持つようになり、専念するようになりました。

2007年、トスカーナ州・ルッカにてGiovanni Corvaja氏によって設立されたアカデミーLe Arti Orafeのワークショップ”Micro flaming”に参加。



コレクション:Drutt Collection of Modern Jewellery(USA)、Cominelli Foundation(Italy)、Alice and Louis Koch Collection of ring in the Swiss National Museum、Zurich(Swiss)、Olnick Spanu Collection(USA)

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