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Helga Mogensen / ヘルガ・モーゲンセン

For me making jewellery is like working with a canvas, I am drawn to making flat surfaces that become a part of the body but I am also curious about the possibility of the pieces being displayed, even as wall pieces. My ideas are often linked in with a piece of paper, sketching is a whole different universe with drawings and texts that join the made pieces subconsciously. Ideas can often come up like photographs in my mind, and I feel my purpose is often to capture these photographs and make them into something tangible, basically to process the energy received into materials.


The driftwood is found up north in Iceland. I go there with my family every summer and wonder around the beaches often in a meditative state of just merging with nature. The magic behind my materials is quite amazing as driftwood is not really coming to Iceland any longer but the small pieces I use show up. It's actually a big trust process towards the universe, not knowing what kind of materials are waiting for me at the beach each time I go there. Sometimes I actually wonder if I found the driftwood or if its vice versa and the wood actually found me. The latter sounds more romantic anyway but the material connects me directly with the amazing force of nature that the ocean is, the power of the wave and the mystery behind this water that covers 70% of the earth.


I once heard someone say: "The work most personal to the individual artist, tends to be the work that people will learn to appreciate the most." These words really stuck with me and lead me to belief that in order to create something, people have to have passion and belief in the things they are doing or making. Therefore my work portraits a bit of myself: it mirrors actions, behaviour, people, places, nature and feelings. It really does not make sense to be making something if I don't have interest or passion in what I am doing.

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  • Helga Mogensen
  • Helga Mogensen


Helga Mogensen lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. Her main focus is her connection with nature and the materials that show up for the process, driftwood and found wood being the main materials. Helga has been exhibiting her work both in Iceland and abroad since graduating.

ヘルガ・モーゲンセンはアイスランドのレイキャビックに住むジュエリーアーティストです。彼女は2007年にスコットランドのエジンバラ芸術大学でジュエリーと銀細工の学位を取得し、卒業しました。 彼女は主に自然との繋がりとその営みの中で生まれる流木に焦点をあて、作品を制作しています。


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