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Clélia Parreira / クレリア・パレイラ


The connection with her origins – Alentejo, interior Portuguese region - is an important and essential process to her creations.  With deep inspiration in nature, life stories and also in art, she uses the physical and artistic universe as a canvas for her creations, reflecting a strong sense of emotion, creativity and artistic energy that she draws from everyday experiences. Their pieces are born from traditional and artisanal Portuguese techniques; however they demonstrate an understanding and a connection between “noble” and traditional metals with varied materials, giving a greater diversity of expression and dimension to their work.

Her work is also based on the transparency of the “I” as a Being. She understands the jewel as a revealing element of the personality of the wearer, and intends not only to mirror the history and passion used in the jewel, but also, through her observation, to give to know the person who sports it, the continuation of the occupied body.

For Clélia, “jewelry is more than a decorative adornment; it is categorically an art form that we can take everywhere”.








  • Clélia Parreira
  • Clélia Parreira


Clélia Parreira is designer and jeweler maker, with her workplace in Lisbon|Portugal.

It was in 2015, that she started his studies in jewelry at the school “Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa”, and where she subsequently completed his Author Design Course.

She has been exhibiting her work in Portugal and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo).

Clélia also belongs to a network - Portugal Manual - of contemporary artisans and entrepreneurs in an ecosystem of business and knowledge transmission, in order to make known to the world what is best done in Portugal.


彼女が「CentrodeJoalharia de Lisboa」の学校でジュエリーの勉強を始めたのは2015年で、その後、創作デザインコースを修了しました。



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