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KiKi & associates is an Online Platform dedicated to curation of artworks. Created by Japanese artist Yukiko Kakimoto.

It is our mission to connect independent artists to an international clients who loves contemporary art works.
We are opening up a beautiful art world online, which whole world can access easily anytime, anywhere.
We hope that these beautiful artworks will fill your heart with happiness wherever you are!

KiKi & associates handle unique art works with a theme "Contemporary Art Jewelry to dress in".

May the beautiful world that artists spin pass on hand to hand, heart to heart and reach to everyone.



All curated by Yukiko Kakimoto



We are in an unprecedented times since 2020. Now it become more natural to communicate between people via online. In this crazy world, we have to stop so many times as we are living in a big crisis. 

Many events were cancelled, or postponed and still everything is in the air.


In this situation, looking at my art work which is shelved, I was thinking about all the attractive artists who I actually met overseas. 


In whatever form, as showing the artwork in public, there is always a possibility of connecting to someone who we need.

In order to help artists, I decided to take an small action and I created "KiKi & associates"

I think it is important to help each other, regardless of country, nationality or gender.


Love is expressed through actions. I am strongly hoping that this project will be a light for somebody. Let's all get together and move on! And enjoy your life using your five senses!


Thank you for your support and hope to see you again soon in face to face. Y*

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